Friday, February 28, 2014

Gymmed it last night. Did 45 minutes of body pump and 45 minutes of RPM. It was the first time I didnt do RPM "fresh" for a long time. As I did pump first....I could feel I didnt work as hard in RPM i think most likely cos I was tired from body pump.

This morning my right hip is a bit sore...same soreness I get from running...not sure if its from wednesdays balance session or i am just getting old! haha! Tonight I have PT and ill do a lil cardio too.

After the gym tonight I am going to do some shopping....I need to buy some new jeans. I also wanna go to rebel sport and buy a kettlebell for one of the exercises my trainer wants me doing at home...and I will also look for some tops in rebel sport and possibly a jacket or hoodie. :)

Working tomorrow then sunday off...then thank goodness I think I have about a month of before I do weekends again :)

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