Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Weigh in day :)

Weigh in day :) Which is always a good day if I lose! hah! Lost 1.8 kilos. So i am now down to 99.1 kilos. The foxy challenge starts on monday which runs for 12 weeks. Whilst it would be awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee to get to 85 kilos by the end of the challenge I think thats me just dreaming hah! So going to aim for 8.5 kilos to be lost over that time. Since the challenge works on a points system for the more things you attend at the gym...this was the primary reason for doing it as it may get me to be more consistent with the gym...which is what I really need to focus on at the moment. I feel like I have got my nutrition right where it needs to be for the modem...but boy oh boy the gym is lacking lol.

I really need to get over being anxious about entering group situations. Thats what puts me of boxing classes. The gym is starting a running group. $80 to attend twice a week for 6 months. But again I just dont like group scenarios (any wonder why i always like to do PT lol)...I know ill be the slowest....and while i get the concept the more you run the faster/better you get thats never worked for me. I know partly thats cos I dont like taking myself out of my comfort zone. The idea while running of huffing and puffing is revolting to me lol yet I realise I need to do that to get better.

But apart from that all is good! :)

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