Saturday, March 08, 2014

Oops theres a treadmill in my way :(

So one of my biggest fears happened...I fell on the bloody treadmill....I didnt roll my ankle or anything my shoes just seemed to have no grip and I slipped ended up lying flat on the treadmill with the stupid thing still going...if i had seen that happen...I woulda laughed....i was beyond embarressed...I really dont know I can do the treadmill anymore...I dont do it often cos I worry ill hurt myself and there it happens...not that I am badly hurt or anything....grazed my knees and the top of my left foot is tender....that is sure it will be all good in a day or two.

I then of course I got in a funk. Ive already been thinking I am too old for this gym gig. I think every fall...or every time I feel incompetent there i feel more and more the time is to give up on this gym thing. Ultimately I can be at a healthy weight range without the gym...we all know weight loss is 90% nutrition. But at the same time I know weight training is important to help reduce the effects of the loose skin. At this point...I wont do step....combat...attack...or go on the treadmill. I still have cardio I can do...RPM classes...cross trainer....stair climbing out on the stairs at the back of the gym. In fact maybe I should get back into the stair climbing...I like the solitude of really helped with my fitness when I did it previously. On top of that I have my PT sessions...body balance....body pump. Ill prolly get bored but for the moment I think those are the things I should stick with....maybe if I could do those things without killing myself I might increase my confidence and I could get back to other things. The other thing is maybe I should start thinking about running outdoors....the thing about running is it burns oodles of calories for I really benefit from it. If these things dont work I could always move on to things like just not very good at being dedicated at home workouts.

The foxy challenge starts on monday. As of this morning I weigh 98.3 kilos. I would LOVE to be 85 kilos by the end of the challenge (stat of june) but 13.3 kilos is a LOT to lose within 12 weeks. It is doable but a lot of work. I have been eating 1200-1300 calories lately....and easily maintaining at that eating level....the foxy challenge is for 1200 calories a day...Ill stick to what I have been doing. 85 kilos is when I would fit into my size large LJ flashdance pants....I have two brand new pairs...I would be ecstatic to wear them again! Not much else going on....just 200 grams of hitting 75 kilos lost....hopefully reach that early next week :)

So workout wise it will look like this this week (this is the plan anyways!)

monday : 6km walk/run (dependant on how my foot is by then)
tuesday : 30 mins cardio + 30 mins PT
wednesday : 14 flights of stairs + 45 mins RPM + 30 mins PT
thursday : 7 flights of stairs + 45 mins pump + 45 mins RPM or 30 mins functional fit
friday : 45 mins boxing + 30 mins cardio + 30 mins PT
saturday : 60 mins body pump + 60 mins body balance

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