Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday July 24

ugh everytime im cold my nose starts running like a tap...considering i told the boys im "super flu girl" this week ever since i started my healthy eating this is not good ! But in the tradition of all super not allowing the sniffles to get to me yet hehe

So yesterday i had a plumber and foxtel guy come in - omg men are pigs ! The foxtel guy had mud on his shoes and the plumbler left my bathroom in a bloody mess...AND he was like im gonna put new taps on im like...kewl...well he changed the bloody shower head and so i have no water pressure hardly now :( but of course the good news is i have foxtel now...YAY was fab sitting down last nite and watching 3 episodes in a row of friends ! lol

Gymmed it last nite. Fiona was kicking my ass...anyway she asked i like to go shopping for clothes since i have lost weight...i was like hmmm for tops yes...for jeans etc no...and it got me thinking....i have barely been going out lately...and with not going out i dont need to go shopping for new jeans...i can get by with the baggy pants i wear. But if going out id need to go buy jeans...i dont even know what size i am these days...size 26 is too big im prolly size 24 but must admit theres a part of me doesnt want to buy anymore jeans till i am at least a size 22 and i am pretty sure im not quite there yet. But maybe we will just have to bite the bullet. I do have a few social functions in august so i may just have to go shopping and with that the katies in rundle mall has been closed for several weeks while its been refit...and it reopens today and when i went past last nite it had a sign saying 30% off everything till sunday so may have to go looking tonite, because of course i am off to ww tonite and i am praying with all my discgusting eating i havent put on more then 2 kilos...okies off i go...enjoy ur friday all !

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2010 said...

hey babe - i think i have asked before but would u like some hand me downs>!>