Wednesday, July 22, 2009

OMG so sad...apparantly Jillian isnt doing her radio show anymore...i just quickly went and downloaded all her radio shows back to december so i have some back up to listen too LOL

I am starting to feel so refocussed....when i went back to ww 2 weeks ago...i went to the meeting and then went to where? Ummmm pancake kitchen! no wonder i didnt get anywhere fast! I am gonna call myers tomorrow and try and get in for a 6pm session on friday nite...and i am getting back on track effective friday more screwing around. I also wanna start focussing on using the x-trainer...i prolly will be lucky to last 5 minutes...but im gonna start working on that...hopefully i dont hurt my neck again! Tomorrow i am off...i am having foxtel installed in the morning and also a plumber is coming to fix some dripping taps. If that is all done early enough i will text fiona to see if i can get a earlier session. I then work 3 days then have monday and tuesday planning to redo the edible garden on one of those days...and if a day is nice....i mite venture and go to the zoo or point sitting at home when if its a nice day i could be out enjoying it. Not much else to to cook spaghetti....enjoy all


Jody said...

Wooooohooo!! My Karyn is back!!! Love your attitude Mz Thang!!

Tania said...

I'm with Jody - that's the attitude we're used to - good for you mate, enjoy your day off.

Martine said...

Very pleased for you Kazz. You go girl ! Martine