Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Drop The Drama

I went to the gym a few nites ago...and me and fiona started to work on the "wellness plan" we havent got too far into it so far...basically grading different parts of my life out of a score of 10 and then writing a few lines on each of those as to why i graded things that way. The different categories were like diet, fitness, energy levels, stress levels, self confidence etc. Most the things i gave myself around a 5 (altho energy was 7! :)) I have to finish writing that up for next weeks i have homework lol. But i was listening to Jillian this morning...and she said something that clicked with me...she was giving this great analogy to do with her dog and her contestants...anyway she was saying..."just drop the drama" the anger does nothing to assist you...except cause u issues...and shes right...i have known exactly what has stuffed things up for me lately and has been angered and really done myself no i am going to focus on some relaxing...and not give anything "bad" too much thought over the next few weeks. And that said...i think its back to ww this week. Also my gym times are going to change....fiona is getting rid of her tuesday evening sessions. So i will be changing to monday, thursday and saturdays. The good thing is tuesdays is prolly the best nite of classes at the gym...they have swiss ball class, studio cycle and body pump. So depending what shift i am doing i will prolly keep going on tuesday nites...and do one of those classes.

I think tho i am ready to go back to ww and back to the healthy lifestyle...its not a big dramatic change....its just time to get back into things...its what i today i will ring ww and make a time for friday nite. Not a lot else to say.. ;)

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2010 said...

yep! good idea~ my school teaches the kids "Not to sweat the little stuff" - it works!