Monday, July 20, 2009

Well more thinking lol just for something new. Some wise person (that would be Jo lol) made a comment to me yesterday that i always do better when at the gym. My eating still sucks...i dunno every day around 4-5pm i lose the texted fiona today said im not gonna suspend my membership and i will be in tomorrow nite. I also asked her if we can start the goal setting stuff this will start that thursday hopefully. I am gonna tell fiona i just seem to have lost the plot....lost my focus....and its not that i dont want to get back on track i do. I can pretty much already guess what fiona will say lol regardless of if i am losing weight or not....coming to the gym...makes me happier and helps me so to keep at it.

The disturbing thing is i was reading my journal back from mid 2007 i am only 10 or so kilos lighter then i was back 2 years thats all ive managed...which is crap if you want my personal opinion.

Okies off i go...gonna make vegetable soup tonite...lets hope i follow thru with that


Tania said...

Stop being so hard on yourself! Don't look at what you were 2 years ago, look at what you were when you started again, focus on that because that shows you what you've achieved and how successful you've been.

You DON'T lose 40kgs without having some obstacles pop up along the way - it's how you overcome them that matters and you're definitely on the right track.

Ummm vegetable soup usually has vegetables in it doesn't it? I'd imagine it would be a bit bland without them ... lol ;-)

2010 said...

Isn't it better to be 10 kilos LESS than 10 kilos heavier?!? Where would you rather be? And if you are 10 kilos lighter this time next year you will live longer! Doesn't that put things into perspective. I am sooooo proud of you for ringing Fiona!

Jody said...

The scales may say 10 Kilos less, but what do your clothes say? Remember since last year your building muscle.

Here we go "Muscle weighs more that fat"

You've never ever been to the gym like you do now. Matter of fact, in the 9yrs I've known you, you've never done much of anything involving getting away from the computer. I say, you're doing so much better than what your scales are telling you!!!!

So like the Taniameister says "Stop being so hard on yourself!"

Chris H said...

Pfffft, someone aready said it! 10 kilos less! LESS WOMAN!!!! Stop beating yourself up.
Vege soup, now there's an idea...