Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday July 19

This alarm was due to go off at 6.10am...i woke up a lil earlier to the delight of my bloody neighbours arguing. Anyway i got up and showered and getting dressed...and i could hear a car out the front with the engine running...i was thinking chit the taxi is early ... did i order it for 6am instead of 6.30am? Anyway thought bugger it ... it can i get dressed run down stairs grab my lunch the front door...its not my taxi...its my bloody neighbours at 6am packing stuff into a the hell is doing chit like that at 6am on a sunday morning???

Foodwise all good so far...have eaten 12.5 points...have another 12.5 points for the day to go. Gonna make a big batch of vegetable soup tonite for lunch for the next few days. I also managed to do some shift swaps so i dont start work till 9am for the next 3 days...YAY can catch up on sleep.

Work is kinda quiet this afternoon....only another 2 hours and i head home and for once looks like a rather nice day outside. I bought michelle bridges book into work today so been reading it between calls :)

Off i go!


Chris H said...

Stuff getting up THAT early on a sunday morning! I feel for ya mate!

2010 said...

it sure is me babe! moved blogs cos of some work stuff going on!

Tania said...

Woohoo - you're doing great Kazz! What's Michelle Bridges book like? Sounds like the neighbours are still giving you grief - hope it settles down soon.