Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday July 18

Well yes I wasnt suppose to be back here till next month was I? Mostly i wanted to let everyone know i am fine no need to worry. I am still taking the antidepressents and i am all okay. But i prolly havent been for the last 6 weeks or so...i have been very up and down...and not for any reason except i have had something going on which has taken my focus off me and my weight loss. I am not gonna go into it all but most who read my journal regularly can prolly gather what the issue has been...its time for me to stop preaching and actually practice what i preach. I constantly say as adults we choose who we allow into our lives...and we all make decisions which we have to live with the consequences off. No decision someone has made in the past or their actions can TRULY impact my life unless i allow it. We all have chit crop up at times but its how we deal with it. Well its time for my focus back onto me...not others. My life is pretty a niece and 2 nephews who i adore...great sister and bro in law...have a nice bunch of no longer slowly heading towards a visit to a cardiac unit...i am getting more active as time goes on...healthier and slimmer. Its time to keep moving forward. I rang di at ww yesterday...told her about the metfromin (i finally feel thats going out of my system) and cancelled yesterdays appointment but this week i will rebook in for friday nite. Today i am not counting points...instead going to do a couple of days of just eating well...not scoffing everything in my line of sight. Tomorrow i will start on the water as well. I emailed the gym and suspended my membership till august 27 which i will leave that as is...its too cold, wet and windy to go to the gym at the not enjoying it...and we all know exercising at home is more then possible. So will continue with the EA active 30 day program so as to keep the exercise up....bottom line i need to settle down and just stick to my points...simple philosophy really isnt it? Giving up is not a option but maybe a breather is a option. I am going to back to simplicity and focus on just two points and water for this week. Then i will slowly reintroduce exercise and then by august 27 which is only a few days before spring i will jump back into the gym...hopefully feeling very refreshed.

I forget what else i said about the inspection i had of my unit on thursday. I made a lil complaint about the neighbours and how the light shines in etc when they park out the front into my bedroom window. So the landlord said go ahead and organise for a curtain rod and bracket to be installed and the landlord will pay for it so when i get my tax refund back i will get that organised. She also mentioned about getting a vanity unit installed in the bathroom and getting rid of the crappy sink and lil medicine cabinet on the wall...and of course i get foxtel installed on thursday morning. The foxtel being installed shouldnt take long cos i think it may have been previosuly installed at the premises YAY and the best thing is its cable... which means i get channel 7,9 and 10 thru it and means i record channels on these shows with the iq...i couldnt do that when i had it before cos it was on now when biggest loser is on 10pm on a sunday nite i can record it and still get my sleep YAY.

Today is the first saturday for about 3 months that i have worked...whilst the money is good working on weekends im not a fan of them by any stretch of the imagination. But i have 90 minutes left and then i am out of here. Tonite i am planning on spaghetti bolognaise for dinner followed by some stewed apples and cream...yum yum. I also have some of beverley hills 90210 series 6 to watch as well...i watched one episode last nite and have another 4 to watch tonite YAY

I think some other things i need to do is buy some new clothes...for some reason i have got slack about them and really am wearing sacks instead of loving wearing smaller over the next few weeks ill go buy some...the other thing i need to do is start to plan a holiday...i always put that off cos im single....and its not that exciting planning a holiday by yourself...i'd love to go on a cruise or something but again prolly wouldnt by myself...which leads me to a small holiday in january to like sydney or somewhere...i think having a goal and a focus would help me its something i need to give some thought too.


Tania said...

Kazz, i'm assuming I know what's gotten to you of late based on our last conversation over lunch! I hope that things settle down for you really soon.

I couldn't agree with you more regarding this post - people can dish something out to you but it's not yours unless you choose to take it on board! Accept anything good that people give you and just ignore the rest - you deserve better!

Glad to see coming off the meds has given you some benefits and yay to Foxtel - now you can start watching Will & Grace again!

How's your roster for the next few weeks - we must be due to catch up for lunch again soon :-)

Airlz said...

well, i hope u will be stopping by our blogs every now and then so we can talk to you!

jo said...

I think sometimes we have to pause and reflect and reorganize. That appears to be what you are doing right now.

I wish you well. =)