Friday, July 17, 2009

On A Break

I have decided to take a break from all weight loss things...including my Journal...I will be back around August 27 to get back into things.


Katy said...

I'll miss reading what you're up to on a day to day basis :( Look forward to your return.

Tina said...

Hope everything is ok Kazz. I'll miss your updates too.

See you on facebook.

Hippygal said...

Hope you are ok - take care

2010 said...

what's going on babe! We will miss you too much and I KNOW your journal is a tool for YOUR weight loss, but you are SUCH an inspiration!

Email me if you need to!


Jody said...

A wise friend once said...~looking I have a wise friend? Do I have any friends??~ Anyway, back to the wise friend thing.

She said, "I cannot control what others say but I can control how I react"

Keep this in mind, about what we talked about last night.

Love you my lil favorite Lesbo!! Muahhhhhhhh Talk to you when I get back from San Francisco!! Or email via FB (it goes to my phone if you need me!!)

LellyJ said...

Dear Kaz

Like others I will miss hearing about how you are going. I am quite worried with such an abrupt halt to your blogging. Hope you are alright and look forward to hearing from you again one day.