Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday July 16

WOW starting to feel like myself again and it is great :) Im not drinking non stop or craving carb foods today...(i took my last dose of the medication monday nite so its obviously starting to get out of my system)

Had my inspection this morning. Inspection was at 11am and 9am i still hadnt started to tidy! lol but was all fine...actually i get on fab with the land agent....she is going to talk to the landlord about installing a new vanity unit in the bathroom and also cos of the light from the neighbours coming in the unit they have told me if i organise a curtain rod to be installed they will pay for it. So i think when i get my tax back i mite get some proper curtains made with sun block on them which should help. The place is all lovely and tidy and organised, i love the way i have my lounge room now...the sun is coming into it today - just lovely !

Tonite i have PT with fiona...i still have a sore eye from the migraine so gonna suggest we do weights instead of boxing. Tomorrow i think i mite go in and do body pump...ive been avoiding classes..but i really need to start doing some. Tomorrow i am planning to make some blueberry muffins...just gotta buy a new muffin tray. I am getting so excited about foxtel being installed next week...cannot wait ! How exciting. Okies well ready steady cook is on....gonna sit down and watch it...enjoy all !

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