Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday July 15

So finally some good news! Last nite i got a migraine...which was very painful this morning. Not so bad now...mostly only when i reach down or move my head suddenly does it really hurt. Anyway when i saw fiona last nite she suggested that cos the last dizzy spell was so severe she thought i should be talking to the doc about it. So when i went to the docs today told him about the dizzy spells, drowsyness, carb cravings and being so thirsty. And he has agreed i can stop taking i told glucose levels are perfect theres no logical reason apart from "she has PCOS" to take the blasted medication....ive also struggled so badly this week with trying to stick to points which i am contributing to the meds. Initially i thought in a very kazz way oh dont go to ww this week cos i doubt ill have a loss but no bugger it...big deal...i was on some meds which my body didnt like...ill go...weigh in .... and then get on with things ;) So wont be too hard on myself and certainly wont be throwing the towel in...but i think a few days of getting this crap out of my system and i should feel better.

Oh i am so excited about something it aint funny! I have this friend...his name is ryan (or deidre as i call him hehe) and we use to work together...we get along so well...use to travel into work together...and man we had some fun times. Anyway he got a different position late last year...which he hates...anyway yesterday he emails me and says i will be at ur work today....straight away i was pretty sure he was having a interview to come back here....and i was like why why why? but he wouldnt tell me...the bastard! Anyway he rings me last nite and im like so why did u go out there....and hes like....i went to see a bloke about a dog...farken dork he is i was like whatevaaaaaaaaaaaaa i know ur coming back! LOL he was like...ok but dont tell no one (no one counts as my journal right?) im pretty sure he will get the job and be back there working before long.

Tomorrow is my inspection...11am tomorrow morning...i havent really bothered to do any cleaning yet as the place is already pretty clean..tomorrow morning ill get up clean the bathroom...vac and mop the floors and pick up a few things and should be all ready to go...its wonderful not stressing about a inspection lol. I also got approval for foxtel! So that is being installed next thursday. Specially with this bloody cold weather will be nice to have decent viewing on these cold weekends.

Okies off i go.


Martine said...


Once the meds get out of your system you should be starting to feel better. Perhaps I might see you at Myer as my appt is 5.20pm. Martine

2010 said...

i am so glad that you went to the doctor babe! I bet they were amazed at your bloody achievements!


Jody said...

Awww poor Kazz, I hope you find the right medicine, dear. I know how puzzling all of this has been on you. Get well soon.

Jody said...

Oh yes, I forgot to are my hero!!

Tina said...

Glad you have been able to come off the medication Kazz. It sure seemed to be doing you more bad than good. I hope you don't get any more of those bad dizzy spells.

Keep up the great work. You have come so far mate.