Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday July 14

Okay so the good news is i came .5 under points yesterday YAY and the scales showed a loss this morning :) Last nite i went into the gym...wearing my new workout pants...ooh la la ... anyway did 30 minutes on the bike...then fiona came and got me...anyway...so shes standing there just looking at me...and suddenly goes...your shrinking! She was like i work with u all the time so i dont really notice it normally but i can really see your getting smaller (those EA active workouts must be doing something!) then we worked out...we had one exercise left when i got the worst dizzy spell. Now me and dizzy spells are pretty familiar with each other...and even fiona is quite familiar with them...at the beginning of the year i use to get them a lot...but id sit down for a few minutes...have some water...and i would be okay...not last nite...i had a cold towel, water and still feeling like crap...and it wasnt till i laid down while fiona stretched me that i started to feel better...but by the time i left and got to the bus stop i wasnt feeling good again. Thankfully before the gym last nite i had gone to subway and grabbed a roll...so i basically went home ... checked emails and went to bed with my subway lol...in bed before 7pm! lol and i was snoring my head off not long after 8.30pm. Anyway as i left the gym last nite the receptionist (who is new) goes to me...Jenna was commenting on how much weight you lost and how good your looking...she wanted me to pass it on! LOL dayam...first time trainers have commented on me lol dunno if it was the new workout pants or what...but ill take it.

This morning i feel a lil better altho not 100%...i am suspicious this weakness/dizzyness is related to the metformin (oh and someone asked if im diabetic - no im not but i have PCOS and the docs believe i am insulin resistant which is why they want me to take it) anyway i will see how i go over the next few days...if i dont improve ill go back to the doctors and see if its the metfromin...of course when i initially got dizzy fiona was like...this isnt the start of swine flu is it? lol. Anyway the other bonus of it all was i did burn over 400 calories last nite. Anyway gyming it again tonite...so hopefully tonight will go better!


Jody said...

Ohhh puleeeese!!! Was Fiona fanning you while you were having this "spell"?? I'm thinking our lil Princess needed some one on one attention. C'mon Karyn who were you REALLY needing mouth to mouth from?? Hahahaha!! I do crack myself up!

Seriously, take it easy sistah!! Hang in there. Maybe your "spell" happened, because it has been awhile since you've had a good hard work out! Who knows?

2010 said...

you are a bloody legend kazz!