Monday, July 06, 2009

Monday July 6

My furniture has arrived ! I am surrouded by boxes and packing material but i am sitting here on my new sofa ! YAY no more going to bed at 5.30 pm cos i got no where to sit and watch tv lol The entertainment centre is a lil longer then i realised but i love it, i will post some pics later in the week once its all organised properly.

Last nite for dinner i had cajun chicken with rice...omg it was so yummy...and all it was was chicken thigh fillets and i sprinkled cajun seasoning on it and roasted it...was so delish its gonna be a meal i will have more often.

And back to the gym tomorrow ! YAY im excited the other good thing is i have fallen asleep easily for the last 4 nites which has led me to feeling so much better when i wake each morning.

Okay just a short one today as i have lots of organising to do !


Tania said...

What sort of cajun spice is it? I'd be interested in trying it too!

Glad you're sleeping better, oh and i'm guessing the name change of facebook is in regards to what we talked about over lunch a few weeks ago? If so - well done!

Hope you enjoy your time with Kerry and the kids tomorrow, oh and enjoy going back to the gym too ... lol

kazz said...

Tania - it is just a spice from the herbs & spices section...mine is a woolies home brand one lol and simply called "cajun seasoning"