Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tuesday July 7

Ahhhhhhhhhhh another nite of blissful sleep ! Stayed in bed till 8.30am (love holidays lol) and then got up and headed off to the gym. Did boxing today...i did struggle a lil altho fiona did go pretty hard but its surprising how 2 weeks away from the gym and i am struggling lol. But i am sure i will be fine quite quickly...noticed the scales went down by 700 grams putting me under 130 this morning which was good. Fiona then talked to me about the "plan" we wanna set...basically she has a lot of information and it will involve a lot of questions and answer stuff and she said i mite find some of it hard (not intellectually hard more hard thinking about where my life is etc) she said it wont be just about numbers on a scale but we will be basically creating a wellness plan...so it will be fitness, diet, self confidence, spiritually, emotionally etc. So she basically said...we are ready to go whenever you are (she didnt mention eve so i am guessing its just me and fiona)ready she said we will prolly do a session on it once a week for a few weeks...so i am going to suggest we start doing it this friday. I have also made a appointment for ww on friday nite...so i feel good. Not doing too much else today...my sister is off at Clare looking for a ute for her hubby but may drop in later today.

Okies off i go....enjoy all !

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Tania said...

What a great approach to cover all aspects of life - after all it's about so much more than food and exercise! Good luck with your appt on Friday night.