Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wednesday July 8

Another lovely day on holidays - i am gettin way to use to this luxurious life! This morning i went over to visit my sister and her family. Was my nieces 5th birthday today...spent quite a bit of time playing with polly pocket lol.

I am waiting at the moment for a phone call over the next few days from the landagent she ischeckin with the landlord for permission to install foxtel...have the approval from strata title...would seem weird if the landlord says no...but hopefully over the next few days ill know the answer. I also got a letter today from the landagent for a inspection next thursday (they do one every 7 months or so) the house is pretty tidy so im not too concerned...this weekend i am gonna buy new plants and stuff to make the courtyard look nice and fresh...and luckily the day they are doing one of my days that all works out rather well. Of course with all this new furniture the place does look pretty dandy!

I made yesterday hot chips like annette sym does out of the STGTBT gawd so good as u get at the fish & chip shop. yummmmmmmmmmm im making another batch as we speak !

Gym tomorrow for another PT session and then friday morning PT followed by lunch with jaimee and ww that nite...yay yay yay life is good...enjoy all!

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Tania said...

Oh I haven't tried AS chips - are they really as good as a fish and chip shop? Will have to try them soon!