Saturday, July 11, 2009

Well a busy productive day so far. Got a load of washing on...just tidied up my bedroom...only got the bookcase left to tidy up...just sorted out my bed. Moved it and put on my new 225 thread count sheets and new quilt and quilt cover (looking forward to that sleep tonite!) Also the kitchen has been tidied.

This week i have been real drowsy and the last day or so been off my food...did some research today on metformin and its a side effect you sometimes have for the first few weeks. Thursday i lay on my lounge all day like such a lazy at least i know why now...mite explain why i have been sleeping so good lately too lol.

Had a yummy breakfast of fruit toast...measured out my butter even on my ww scales...3.5 about to make a baked potato with ham, cheese and sour cream...yum yum! This afternoon i am planning to walk around to the garden store and buy some new plants just to freshen up the courtyard.

Anyway i am about to go make my potato and settle down and watch some friends...enjoy all !


Chris H said...

Hi chick, thanks for becoming a follower of me blog!
I see you are with WW, hope it goes well. I've been there, done that.. really would love to rejoin but just can't find a meeting I like here in Auckland, which sucks.
You take metformin... diabetic type 2? My husband is...
Well, that's me for now, pop on over sometime and leave a friggin comment... we likes comments! lol

Tania said...

Oh yum baked potato ... I haven't had one of them for years! Have the holidays come to an end for you yet princess? lol