Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thursday July 2

I go back to the gym tuesday morning, i had a monday evening session but i changed that to friday morning as thats the day the furniture is being delivered and just in case anything happens or their running late or whatever. But i am starting to miss it by then it will have been about 11 days with no gym and i am sure it will get me focussed and completely back on track. Its nice to be missing it tho and starting to look forward to getting back into it - i have 3 sessions booked next week - tuesday, thursday and friday.

And i have a new a email yesterday that mojo west is throwing a new years eve bash...i really REALLY wanna be 110 kilos by that point. I havent been out for NYE for years, so i will prolly book in a hotel and stay in the city (getting a taxi home on NYE would be a nitemare and go to the mojo club) i was talking to leigh about it last nite and she said...just make sure your standing next to the best looking chick at midnight haha ;)

I am really starting to look forward to my week off work ! Only have to work tomorrow...Monday my new furniture comes...tuesday gym followed by the kids are coming over in the afternoon...wednesday think we are going to the movies...thursday gym and grocery shopping and friday gym and possibly a work function (undecided about that)

Saturday nite is a dance...i am not going cos i been spending money like its been going out of fashion lately plus its all the way down semaphore...anyway Robyn messages me last nite to ask about me going lol told her no ;)

Okay not a lot else going on...bring on next looking forward to getting stuck back into everything weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

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