Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Time at home with nothing but 4 walls is great for thinking. As i said this morning i have been struggling. Tonite i have been sitting here reading my posts from earlier in the year and i have come to some conclusions. I went to the gym eating program for accountability...i do primarily think there eating plan is restrictive but on the same hand it works. What i need to do is take back control. I have been trying to eat vegetables lately and not eating that many meals i really enjoy (thats my first mistake) i have to eat what i like....doesnt mean every meal i have to love but the majority i need to enjoy or i wont stick to things. They have of course given me a food plan. And i like that with them i get weighed, body fat weighed and monthly measurements...so i plan to continue...but i am gonna do weight watchers. Next pay day ill sign up for online but still go see the dieticians at the gym for my accountability. Maybe its not ideal but i think it will work for me.

The rest of the week (next 3 days) i am going to rest...come saturday its a big clean up in the house and getting very organised. Monday the new furniture arrives and then i will FINALLY have a lounge suite again (3 weeks without one has been way too long!) and i think that has partly made my lazy cos im kinda stuck in my bedroom when at home.

The other thing i noticed .... some of the things i use to do i havent been doing...i havent been doing my graphics...i havent been playing backgammon. I have been going hard at the gym and i think with the way i am i have thrown myself completely into it without getting a balance and thats my focus. And its not that i think i need to go anyless...but just do those things that are fun in my spare time.

Come monday morning smack bang back on track...that nite i have a PT session at 7pm and i then have a session tuesday morning at 9.45am. I know this is just a lil bump in the journey...i feel much better now ive made the decision of the path to take...i prolly wont be back to post until monday or tuesday so dont get concerned if there is no post lol


Tania said...

Hey Kazz, you bet me to it ... lol ... I was reading your Monday posts and was about to suggest you go back and read previous entries! You have all the knowledge and determination to do this but it's not going to happen without some obstacles along the way - it's how you handle them that matters.

It's understandable that the family stuff would weigh on your mind given what you told me when we caught up for lunch. Is there a resolution in sight? Perhaps when Kerry is down, maybe you could arrange for you, your mum and Kerry to have some time together and have an open discussion?

Always only an email away if you ever want someone to talk to.

Good for you on taking the rest of the week off - sometimes you need a bit of down time to put things in perspective - enjoy it!

Jody said...

Ohhh Tania you are right on!! You communicate it so much better than I ever could! So Karyn, I'm saying "Ditto" to what Tania says!! Only thing is....She get's to go to lunch with you and I can't :(