Saturday, May 12, 2007

Well hi there lovely people =] Went off to the gym today...saw amy my slim coach and weighed in and lost another 800 grams ! woo hoo so im now 146 100 grams of my 25 kilos and only 1.1 kilos to get under 145 kilos. part of the slimplicity plan is about meal on monday on my day off i will be sitting down with my symply too good to be true recipe books and working out which recipes can fit into each meal. You have to eat a certain amount of each food groups at different meals. Ill then set up a spreadsheet and do the meals for the week. I then went and did a workout...i was on the bike for 30 minutes (30 minutes and one second to be exact LOL) i burnt 167 calories and cycled for 12.3 kilometres...I was very impressed with that. Tomorrow i will have a day off then each weekday this week i will go everyday id really like to have a good solid loss next weekend to really cement im on a new path. Oh and the bike riding seems to be helping my heel a walking on the flat of my feet all the time now...of course still sore...but thats a improvement. My PT trainer said its cos the bike will work my calves which will strength those muscles.

A friend i met of the ww forum messaged me on msn last nite...she use to go tocurves too and shes like im not going to ww like me either....well turns out she joined fernwood 2 days ago LOL...what a coincidence. She said shed never worked out as hard at curves as she has at fernwood...which cements my belief...and i really am convinced now fernwood was the right decision.

Next weekend i am going to a bbq/party... o0o la la...its at a friend from works house and theres about 20 of us going. Its down south but one of the guys is picking me up..ill take marinated chicken and have salad...but i think i will have a drink or two AND the weekend after i finsih work at 5pm on saturday nite then i meeting that girl ive been chatting to on the pink sofa at the wheatsheaf hotel...a bunch of girls from the pink sofa are going there for a we thought that was a good idea...theres some bands playing there that nite...omg its like a social life LOL okies off i go...working today and doing a couple of hours of overtime so its gonna be a longgggggggggg day !


Whoever I want to be said...

Wow girl another great loss - you are doing so well. Have a good weekend


mooshsilk said...

Hey Kazz!

Wow you are doing so well with your losses and going to the gym everyday. I finally went back today and feel great for it! It's so great we are travelling in the same direction and at such similiar weights!

Luv Claudia xo