Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Welllllllll its a new week ! Im sooooooooooooo excited...this week feels like a huge major week...well firstly i have the weekend off ! lalalalal yay me ! Anyway saturday night im going to a work bbq/housewarming party..its at lynseys house and i think i will crash there overnight and i AM drinking...i know thats bad but its like foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr since i let go and really runamok so saturday nite is the nite !!!!

I bought some white 3/4 pants in january which came nowhere near to fitting me and TA-DA they fit me...now i need to buy some nice white undies for em LOL The following saturday nite there is a farewall for one of the grrls at the pink sofa and i am going to that too...oo la la look at me LOL...hopefully saturday nite ill take some photos too.

Off to the gym tomorrow...im really hopeful of a kilo loss this week...which would give me my 25 kilos,,,,will know on saturday...yesterday i did my whole meal plan for the following week including doing the shopping list...wat a prepared chicka i am..sooooooooooooo proud !

okies off i go ------------ enjoy all !

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Erica said...

Do you love it when you buy something and you try it on and it doesn't fit and then you try it on later and it fits??? Well done!! Erica xx