Friday, May 04, 2007

Phew what a day ! Woke up late-ish and went to the gym...i last 10 minutes on the bike and it KILLED my butt...i then did 7 1/2 minutes on the rower. It was a bit short but i was aching from the day before and my butt was really off i went to rebel sport to buy a gel seat for the bike lol hopefully tomorrow wont hurt as much ! I then went grocery shopping and bought lots and lots of fresh fruit n vegetables...the this afternoon/evening spent it with my sister and her family. Which was a lot of fun (and in the process learn all the different characters in dora the explorer lol) Tomorrow is truly D day. Me and my friend Claudia who both weigh similar weights are weighing in tomorrow and gonna bust our butts to get to 110 kilos by xmas. I will see the slimplicity lady at fernwood tomorrow...weight in and then get moving to hopefully a good loss this week...i really need that weigh in and that accountability...i know i havent been so good foodwise this week...but that changes as off tomorrow ! Okies its tired and have a relatively early mornign tomorrow - take care all !

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