Thursday, May 03, 2007

Okies i been thinking...are we defined by the decade of age we are? i think i already mentioned im turning 40 this year. Its weird ive suddenly seen a few things about 40 year olds thats made me stop n think. Was watching a old episode of all saints the other nite and this guy was fainting and having chest pains and he told them he was 40 years old and they were deciding what course of treatment...and at 40 they said he was at the border of whether diet n exercise would be enuff to help him...after 40 u needed surgery...i watched it and thought eeeeeeeeeeeeeep ! Then in one of the glossy womens mags i read about a guy who died of a heart attack at 41. So you know i been battling my weight seriously since my early 20's and its always been a case of in my head ill resolve this before it becomes a health issue. But of course now as i am going to be 40 years old (eek) there is really no second chance...its simply a case of gotta do it this time ! But in a lot of ways i wanna turn 40 and i only really realised it today. my 20's i led the good life...had a good bunch of friends and was going out a lot. Then in my 30's i went thru the process of coming out, i isolated myself and got to my highest weight ever. Now so the next day i have decided is MY time. I am going to be damn well down to 110 kilos and i am going to be meeting people and dating (oh the poor lesbians of adelaide LOL) so the next 7 months is really busting my butt. I am determined to start my new decade on a high.

I went to the gym today and did a PT session and lemme say my arms ACHE lol already ! They feel really tired and are aching...but it was good. The trainer is really nice and she is gonna work out a plan so that i know every day i go in there what i need to do. So im not going blindly. I then did a fitness test and on the rowing maching i rowed 858 metres on intensity level 8 which the grrl seemed to think was rather good.

Okies off i go for a nice hot shower to soak these muscles !

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Anonymous said...

ooh - that is definitely an "aha" moment!

but - you are kicking arse so don't worry about anything - you will be 110 in no time - and then watch out ladies!