Tuesday, May 29, 2007

omg im sooooooooooo tired. I dunno whats going on with me except wondering if that bizarre lil bit in the roster last week really mucked up my body clock. I havenet been to the gym this week. And I have decided to get over this tiredness over the next few days and have a few sleep ins and then go back on saturday when I have a weigh in anyway and then i have the weekend off to relax too.

Went into the pink sofa chat room again last nite for a lil while after work which was very amusing...me and felicity sit in msn gossiping about everyone was very funny...the two of us being friends is expanding our network and we both agree that we are both very happy with a platonic friendship as well lets face it grrls...can come and go in ur life pretty quickly.

I will be glad for next week im working 8.30am-4.30pm so go to the gym after work then home to cook dinner,.....nice and civilised LOL And i think i may even try some classes at fernwood next week...a cardio one...i figure ill struggle to keep up but even so it should still be a good cardio work out.

oh and had my yearly report at work done last night and my old manager told me "you have the charisma and control to go far as a team leader" so that was a real lil bonus to be told

Okies i have to scoot off....got some training to attend byessssssssssssssss

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Anonymous said...

of course you have charisma and control - you go girl!