Friday, June 01, 2007

Well g'day all...been a few days eh? Well been overtired again so yesterday i was off to the docs and had a blood test...they are checking for glandular fever (thats mono to the yanks) to see if im having a reoccurence of it as i had it about 8 years ago. They are also checking my salt and iron levels.

And its fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!! And i have the whole weekend off YaY. Altho im gonna keep it relatively quiet. Tomorrow i have to weigh in and will do a workout and then ill go do my grocery shopping and drop it off at my house before i head back to my mums house (am house sitting till monday night) Then sunday i am going out to lunch with Tania and then after that later in the day I am catching up with Felicity at a pub in town to listen to a band play. Saturday nite im staying home gonna cook marinated chicken and rice and have a nice quiet and warm relaxing night.

Tomorrow at my weigh in im getting measured that will be exciting.

Okies off i go !

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