Saturday, June 02, 2007

oooooooo well its been a grande day !!!! first things first....weighed in and wo0ot lost 1.5 kilos. I was also measured and lost a total of 15 centimetres in the past yay all is going in the right direction. Also when i went to fernwood, Amy my slim coach told me about a new program fernwood is doing...its called butterfly and starts July 1, it basically is too keep you motivated over winter with lots of group sessions, it will include information personal training a group attending work in teams and then towards the end they do a bit of giving us pedicures and manicures....and at the very end of the 3 months a hair stylist and make up artist will come in and make us over and then a photographer will do some shots for us to purchase. So thats really exciting and gonna be great motivation...have i mentioned lately i think joining fernwood was the best decision ive made? LOL

I also cycled 12 kilometres again today in 30 minutes :)

And it looks like next sunday night i am going to the drag ball ! LOL with my friend felicity and another friend of hers she has met from online and hopefully we can drag some of the other grrls from the sofa we have met...i just plan to go and boogy !!!! Tomorrow I am off in the afternoon to listen to a band susan keyes play.

Okies off i go...have a fantabulous weekend all - i know i will !!!!

Oh and nearly forgot...hypothetical question id love to get peoples views on....would you go out or date someone who was in a different socio-economic group to yourself??? Thanks byesssssssssssssss


Whoever I want to be said...

That is awesome - You are doing fantastic..


Who is Tardie? said...


Wonderful news about your weigh in and measurements - 15cm - wow!!! That's incredible.

Glad to 'hear' you sounding so happy - you really sound alive!


airlie said...

seriously - your measurements are fantastic! you really do sound like a different person! enjoy the dance babe!

Tania said...

Go you! There really is no stopping you. Sorry I had to cancel today, ended up staying home anyway as I haven't been well - just hope that I recognise you when we do get to catch up next.