Monday, June 04, 2007

OMG sooooooooooo tired. Im still house sitting my mums place and finding it a lil hard to sleep at nite...i went to bed at 10.30pm last nite and didnt manage to get to sleep till after 2am and as the alarm went off at 7am...very very a snealy suspicion i will fall asleep easily tonite lol.

Yesterday i met felicity and a friend of hers tan at the grace emily hotel to listen to this singer...susie keyes...being that we were both disorganised...we only made it for the olast 4 or 5 we decided we are going to go again next sunday to hear the whole set. Its at this very cool lil hotel...and in this back room woth sofas and a tiny stage...with people sitting on the floor and the sofas...etc Then not long after i got home Felicity messaged me to say Tan wants us to go out with her saturday look who has plans again? lol So saturday i will be off to the wheaty hotel which is a bit of a lesbian hangout from all accounts.

Okies off i go to do some work

LATER...isnt funny how we slowly learn things without realising? I can be kind of superficial lol (prolly no shock there) anyway people especially of the weight watcher under 140 thread been telling who you are and confident and people will be attracted to that, anyway yesterday when we went to this pub and saw this girl singing...i was watching her and thought...hmmm yumm...and then as i watched her a bit more i "really" looked at her...and i thought wow thats not someone i would have thought was attractive (im usually a fan of cleavage and that she didnt have LOL) and anyway it clicked to was her "presence" that i am attracted too...and not to get off the whole weightloss topic altogether cos i know the whole "lesbian" talk prolly scares some people off but hell it is my journal...but it makes me realise why im attracted to "soft butch" girls...its their "presence" their confidence. If i look at a girl in a completely superficial way...the one who is attractive in a superficial sense would have long hair buxom boobs...but the type of girls im ACTUALLY interested in is that girl regardless of what she looks like (altho simialr height would be nice) but that girl who is totally confident in herself...not outspoken but confident in the person she is comfortable with her,,, of course my guess is shes a jeans and tshirt wearer which is not aesthetically what im attracted to but that presence would be what im attracted too. Wow i am finally figuring out what i want ! lol I met this woman online a few years ago...lets call her "C" and she was from Sydney and Bi...and i use to have lots of indepth chats with her but i remember once specifically...where she said "you will never have a successful relationship" till YOU know what you want and followed up with "how can you expect a partner to know what you want when you dont know what you want" and its so "C" im getting there LOL i also remember after me and Ang broke up i was at the grrls bar that use to be open in the city and i saw this girl...omg charisma and presence nooooooooo end...but she wasnt "attractive" aesthetically...and i remember being a tad confused...but now its all suddenly making sense....oooo girls...gotta love em !!!! lol

PS thanks for all the comments - they are always lovely to recieve !

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Anonymous said...

hey! the wheaty is great! if the dolls are singing there, then one of the singers is one of my closest friends!