Thursday, June 07, 2007

Well...weigh in is not gonna be so good this week LOL...i found bbq shapes at my mums house :( and had some doritos too LOL...ive been back on track since yesterday but going by my scales ive had a 4 kilo gain !! What the ...! Either my scales are seriously fukked up or im retaining fluid like a mermaid lol...the plan today was to get stuck into my water...but wtf happens??? SA Water drilled into one of the water pipes on the street i work by accident and theres no water coming into the building for 2.5 hours (not much fun when u think theres 300+ workers here) I just had my half a scone and slim drink...mmmmmmmmmmm

Last nite i made chicken and cashew stirfry from the symply too good to be true books...yum yum...was so scrummy and delish and was filled with lots of vegies...snowpeas...and capsicum etc yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Im off to the docs tonight to get my blood test results....okies off to do some work !


Who is Tardie? said...

Good luck with the docs results Kazz. Stupid SA Water - don't they know we NEED our water :-)


Tania said...

Evil scales - hope the weigh in wasn't as bad as that one was.

As to SA Water - how dare they - lol.

And where is the real Kazz? Finding it so hard to believe that she would actually put VEGETABLES in any stir fry ... lol

Whoever I want to be said...

Hey hope the blood test results are ok - Tania mentioned veges in a stir fry, maybe I should try that one day.

Hope the scales were playing up for you.... I am sure they were.