Sunday, June 10, 2007

Well lawdie whatttttttttttttt a week ! Where do i whilst 90% of the time my food has been good,,,,,ive been bad,,,,,and eaten some really high in salt, processed at the moment my scales are showin a 3 kilo gain. Im sure a proportion of that is fluid retention...but back to getting serious as of today ! And also serious about the gym again...ive been going maybe twice a week...simply finding excuses not to go...and well its not on...i know some weeks cos of my roster getting to the gym may be hard but this week it wont be and im going 5 days this week, tuesday to saturday.

We got our annual bonus letter last week and we get the bonus this week...and its nice and healthy ! and incredibly well timed. My fridge is dying a slow thats the first thing...needs to be replaced...i may go down to radio rentals and look at their fridges this afternoon and price one...i also plan to take out $500 for clothes and the remainder (prolly about $800) i will put down on a lounge suite and pay the rest of between now and when its delivered. So all exciting.

When i went into work on friday they announced we are now getting free broadband at home ! So after transferring to big pond cos i was getting a better deal...i now have to churn back to optus lol cos im not knocking back free i organised that friday nite.

Last nite i went out to the wheaty hotel...and oh what a nite lol. We went there and a friend of felicitys was turning up...she turned up....and felciity had showed her my photo and she thought i was cute and i guess she presumed we would get it on lol (should never presume when it comes to me ! lol) anyway she wasnt my type very agressive which i personally find unattractive and i thought she verged on being rude. She then pulled felicity aside and was like "well is she interested" and felicity was like i dunno...i havent asked her. Then another friend tan says to me (in front of this ladies adult son - dont ask why he was there - thats another story) and says is felicity trying to set u up? i said nah i dont think so...but i guess she likes me but im not interested....well lol next thing her son runs over to her lmfao -oops- and next thing she comes back to the table and is all over felicity calling her baby and telling felicity to come over for dinner....and felicity over the nite changed her opinion of this woman cos of how she was acting and was like "well we will see" lol...this morning felicity apologised for this woman...but as i told her not her fault....i just found that womans personality unnattractive. So despite finding her means SOMEONE found me attractive or cute huge ego boost and readjustment of my thinking ! Okies i have uploaded a photo or two so enjoy.


I will be a butterfly said...

wow you look absolutely amazing. There is such a difference in those photos, go you!!
Inspiration galore :)

Your blog is wonderful to read, and your journey is magical, get on it :)

Whoever I want to be said...

wow what a change in the photos you are looking fab...


Tania said...

Well done Kazz - there's a huge difference between your photos you must be so proud of what you've achieved so far.

KT said...

Your hair looks so much better now!! So healthy, your complexion too!!
The photos of you in June are gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!!
See you around the boards!