Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Well i still havent got back on track but am DETERMINED today. So far...so good...slice of fruit toast for breakfast and just had 30 grams on mixed nuts. For lunch i am planning to have a wrap with chicken, lil bit of cheese, low fat mayo lettuce and tomato. And then tonite...i am planning to have a ceaser salad with a baguette...im also onto the water. I didnt set my alarm so didnt make it to the gym. But when i woke i did do 50 steps on the stepper and will do 50 more before i go to sleep tonite...so im getting there LOL

Yesterday went to the movies...and was a nice reminder of how nice it is to fit into the seats. I went and saw "Because I said so" which i loved. I was thinking of seeing pirates of the caribean but i havent seen the first 2 movies.

Tonite i will set my alarm and am determined to do a workout.

This weekend i dont have much planned. I was suppose to volunteer saturday nite but they have made no contact (as promised) with the details so i doubt its on. Sunday i plan venturing out to TTP to go shoppinggggggggggggggggggg !!! I have a voucher for $50 + im taking $500 out of my bonus money.

Okies off i go .... la la la


Well im declaring this day a success...i wasnt perfect but it was a improvement, i had a lepigna roll with ham, cheese n tomato for lunch. I then went to the team meeting...where kate the only other female in my team and a wunderful cook had made mini cheese cakes ! And yes i did have one...i didnt have anything organised for dinner so stopped at macccas and picked up the thai chicken deli roll...and have just whipped up a ww chocolate mousse. Tomorrows aim is to do it all again AND go to the gym.

Also i nearly forgot to post my blood test results. My cholesterol level is 4.6, blood sugar is 3.6 which is good good...my iron, thyroid, liver and kidneys are all good. The blood cells did show some "markers" which indicate a virus altho not which virus, i have to go back in a month to be retested and if the "markers" arent normal they will investigate further...but im feeling better so will prolly be fine.

My heel/instep has been a lot better lately so im gonna start treadmill work...nothing much just 5 minutes ill do for the next few weeks...okies mousse should be just about ready ! off i go !

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