Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Well lets hope i ahve no problems with this post as i notice blogger is being a bit of a pain.

Went to the gym this morning....i firstly did 5 minutes on the cross trainer....anyone used this before???? OMFG is all i can heart rate certainly got up....then i did 20 minutes on the bike...and then i planned to do 5 minutes on the rower but 3 minutes and i was dying so i finished. They also released a new schedule for the classes and they have added lots of classes that are just 30 minutes long...which means i may be able to last em LOL...theyve now got classes on boxing, cross training, pilates, amazing abs, circuit so some more variety. Next friday on my day off ill try a 30 minute boxing yep u guessed it my head is in the right head space again.

Im nearly finished my booked "stolen time" omggggggggggg SO good !!! if u like true life biographies u really have to get it. Tomorrow morning i am planning to go to the gym and then also on saturday for my PT session...ill be weighing in next on tuesday so gonna try REAL hard !

Okies lunch is practically over...time to do some work !

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