Saturday, June 16, 2007

Welll geezus how freaking cold is it in Adelaide? -2 last nite ffs !!!! Okies heres a question have you ever really thought about your style???? Was talking to a friend at work yesterday about clothes (hes gay and knows i am too) so hes like as i had told him i was going clothes shopping....are you gonna buy some skirts,,,,and i looked at him u ever seen me in a skirt??? then he asked something flowery??? im like ummmm no,,,,and the more i started to think about i really dress the style that i like...without influences??? Think about it ... how many times growing up were you told "dress like a lady" or "act like a lady" i was told it lots...and the expectation was to follow that..dress lady like...act lady anyone who knows me....whilst i dont lack manners....i dont think id describe me as "lady like" a klutz for one thing lol....and thats not me....i like very simplistic things...clean lines etc...if i thought about it cleared my mind (i tried this in bed last nite hahahhaha) and thought...okies going to a social occassion...size 10...have ample money to buy whatever wear denim jeans...with a nice belt...white tshirt...and jacket. i know im influenced easily...ive always liked pleasing...especially my mum...i hated her mad and "disappointed" in me...sure i was still a brat and a half but if i ever did something real bad (like when i tried to smoke a cigerette when i was like 14) i was guilt ridden and had to tell her....and kinda get forgiveness...if that makes sense and im still the chick who really doesnt make waves...if i dont like something or someone or simple walk away....i dont deal with it...which is good in some sense (such as work) but i think maybe in some ways thats made me not deal with issues in my for example when 2 weeks after me n Ang split she suddenly had a new gf....instead of venting at her and making her accountable...i sat there and cried on the phone and she tried to make me feel better...i shoulda point blank told her thats not how i expect to be treated...and i think in a lot of circumstances i can be like that. And i know sure as hell back then when going thru that heart ache...i resorted to food...

I had a PT session today...omg she worked me so hard she has really stepped up the intensity the last few i did squats with the ball in my back whilst holding a 7 kilo that was hard work

This week im gonna aim for 5 sessions at the gym. Im starting work at 9.30 monday to thursday so im gonna wake at lets see if i manage it even one day heh

After the session i went shopping....bought a denim jacket, new handbag, 2 new books (one on that girl in belguim who was a missing child who was found 7 years after being locked in a drama and the maria korp case - yes for people who didnt know im a true crime buff lol) im gonna save the maria korp one for on the bus over to streaky bay tho...then i bought a orange jumper, a black hooded fleecy top...a red hooded top, white t shirt, a orange top for going out...think thats all...OH and a glow in the dark care bear for my nieces birthday LOL

There was a pool nite on tonite...but its too friggin cold to go out plus was all the way down at christies beach but im not sorry to have a saturday nite at home specially in this cold...okies everyone...have a fabulous weekend !

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