Sunday, June 24, 2007

Well lawdie a update is well n truly overdue eh? Ive actually been off track...and my guess is ive gained 4 kilos. The last two weeks ive struggled with TOM...and been having stomach cramps for 2 weeks...altho the past week they were the most severe...even today i am still getting some cramping (even tho TOM is all done with so weird) Anyway the doc has put me back on the pill i took like 8 years ago when i was first diagnosed with PCOS...theyve told me to miss the sugar pills for a few months as the losing of weight has regulated me which helps with PCOS but makes endometriosis worse. Anyway today i am back on track. Tuesday I am planning to try a class at the gym (ive been slack with the gym too)...anyway tuesday i will try that...its a swiss ball i guess its lots of abdomen exercises etc ... will find out soon enuff.

On the going out i havent gone out as much the last 2 weekends...this weekend i worked (had to be at work 6.30am saturday morning !) and last weekend i was too cold and lazy lol...maybe next weekend...we will see. Its funny too realising how much the soft butch girls are attractive to me...never realised before that i would be so attracted to them LOL

Also bought my new fridge ! Its lovely ! Its a fisher & paykel and gets delivered on the 3rd which is the day im going to streaky bay. So it will be nice having a lovely spacious fridge.

Okies off i go !


Tania said...

Oh aren't those cramps just the worst? I haven't suffered with them for years and years and suddenly when my gynaecologist told me I shouldn't be on the pill i've been having them ever since - EVERY month, sometimes so severely that I can't even move out of bed - almost makes me wish I was pregnant again now ... lol

Good for you for getting back on track, not exactly the easiest thing to do in this weather, i'd be interested to hear how your class goes. Are we still on for Wednesday night?

kazz said...

hey tania...yes yes definitely on for wednesday nite...if i dont hear from you ill email you tuesday =]