Sunday, May 27, 2007

Phewwwwwwwwww what a busy weekend ! Saturday i worked till 5 pm and then of course i was going out that night to meet felicity who ive been chatting to online. I got home from work and felicity messaged me to say lou had said for us to go to the "goldens" dance, which is a lesbian dance held in Adelaide every few months. So after some discussion we decided to go there. Me n felicity met out front and were comfy with each other right from the start. We went in to the dance and found a table full of sofa grrls...and then lou came over...she gave me a hug then said "you dont look like your picture" i said is that good or bad? (i always thought the pic was very flattering) and she told me "you look better then your pic". And then basically i had some champagne and me and felicity chatted and perved (of course) for a few hours then lou came and dragged us on the dance floor and then we spend the next hour or so dancing. Was great fun. And at the end of the night was hugs all round. I heard from both feliity and lou today....lou called me gorgeous and felicity said i looked really pretty - heh thats good for the ego right? (never thought id hear anyone say im pretty lol) Me and felicity agreed we arent ever gonna have a romantic connection but i can see us becoming good friends and we are even starting to talk of flying over to melbourne for a we will see what comes of that. I really really really need to post some pics....and i will soon...i promise !!! talk soon !

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Whoever I want to be said...

Yes more pics please - am glad you had a great night :):).