Saturday, May 26, 2007

YaY its saturday and im actually working but i have this evening off and tomorrow wo0ot wooo tonight im meeting the girls from the pink sofa at the wheatsheaf hotel I doubt it will be a late nite as i was up at 7.30am this morning...and have been up before 6am the last two mornings too...but still looking forward to the nite. We've been debating whether to stay at the wheatsheaf hotel or there is a "girls" dance on we may go there yet...i dont really care ... one fo the grrls who isnt going that i talked to said the dances are quite clicky so we will wait and see. I have drunk a litre of water already and will drink another litre before i go to limit any damage the champagne will do tonite ... im only pplanning on a couple of glasses tho.

Have decided next week to really get the overtime in. I can do 12 hours a week...which gives me...21 hours extra pay...for that week...if i do 24 hours over a fortnight i should get enuff to buy my new fridge without dipping into my bonus money which would be great. Im thinking about the next few months working around the gym really getting stuck into the i can buy also a new lounge settings, bedroom suite and enuff for a nice holiday next febuary as my present to me for my 40th

Okies off i go...have a good saturday nite all !

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