Monday, May 21, 2007

Well hellooooooooo all ! Things are going good at the moment...i have tomorrow and wednesday off. Tomorrow i have a PT session at 10am and wednesday i see my slim coach. As its only 4 days since i last weighed in and considering i went to a party saturday nite im not expecting a big loss...but certainly expecting a loss. The goal is to lose 500 grams ... so we will see.

Well developments on the pink sofa side of things i said id been talking to a couple of girls. Both very nice and i cam imagine us all becoming friends (all 3 of us message each other) and i am meeting one of them saturday night at the wheatsheaf hotel...BUT ive started talking to another girl. And we really just seem to click...we chatted on msn for about 2 hours last nite...and it was very easy going and just i kinda suspect if with anyone im really gonna click with her and she is going saturday night too. So...with luck all will go good. Wednesday I am going to get my hair cut and yes jody my eyebrows waxed too actually starting to feel like a real normal YaY

OMG @ the rain last nite --- it bucketeddddddddd woke me up it was so loud,,,okies gotta scoot.....bye alllllllllll

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