Thursday, August 17, 2006

well hello all =]

Firstly thank you all for the comments =] so nice to hear from everyone and to see u posting airlie ! And before i forget i havent forgotten about the recipes tania

Things here are good. Yesterday we had a work function. Which i knew would be full of yummy food and drinks. On entry they gave us a pina colada (omg these are yummy!!!) then afterwards i had 1 1/2 glasses of anyone who knows about my love affair with champagne (and yes tania that does mean you!!) will know thats good for me. They also bought around nibblies and i had a few but i counteracted by having a small dinner. Plus i was standing non stop for over 2 hours and wandering around (and omg my feet killed me when i got home) lol they were so sore i couldnt even bring myself to sit at the computer.

Well decided my first goal...which is 10 kilos...i will draw $250 from the bank account and go shoppinggggggggggggggggggg and completely spend all the money on me...books...clothes...perfume...cds...dvds...whatever takes my fancy.

When i reach my first 5 kilos i will get $50 to spend on anything i like. And i think that will be a nice necklace.

And the ultimate goal for in 12 months 50 kilos...*gulp* and the reward is a trip to NY which would be the really saving now LOL

Not much else to say...hope all is doing good =]


Tania said...

lol @ you and champagne! I'm guessing you were just a little more in control than a certain NYE experience :-) And just one question Kazz ... how much work do you guys actually do there??? Oh to have a job like yours! I love your reward idea too, perhaps I should suggest that to Michael, though I don't like my chances of having him agree!

kazz said...

lol....ummmm NYE *horror memories* lol nearly as good memories as banana carmamel cream pie lmfaooooooo