Sunday, August 20, 2006

isnt it amazing how when my weight loss is in control suddenly im thinking so much about my future and what i want out of life.

big thing i have been thinking about is work. i enjoy my job and work with great people but to be honest im not gonna do this in another 20 years. So i have been thinking about this. i have been working there for 5 years and currently work 4pm-midnite tuesday to saturday which those hours suit me but within the next 1-2 years this shift most likely wont exist and ill need to go on their rotating roster which i CANNOT do lol lawd it practically killed me last time. So the aim is around my 7 years (2008) that ill find another job and leave (and of course get my long service leave paid out heh heh) id like to do a job in a office that would be challenging and that id have responsibility (like it was in the bank) so i know i need some kinda i looked into it and yesterday i applied for 2007 a certificate in Justice Administration which means i could work for a para legal or in a law office. Its one year full i should be able to complete it within 2 years. And weight loss is all part of the plan =]

Weight loss is going hoping for a loss of 1 kilos...dunno if ill get that or not...but fingers crossed. I think soon im gonna buy a set of scales that also measure body fat as well..

Oh tania i cooked a low fat hot dog in my flat toaster on a hot dog bun like uve mentioned before and let me say it was a yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lunch !!!!

Have a good rest of the weekend everyone - ill be back tuesday :)


Tania said...

Oh I bet you had cheese with it too you cheese addict ... lol ... I love them with cheese!

It's funny how weight loss success seems to make everything "click" into place, i've always been like that myself. Good for you on the course - when does it start?

kazz said...

lol yes it had cheese lol low fat of course starts febuary 2007, so fingers crossed on that. :)

Hippygal said...

Ok so how do you cook it - sounds yummmmmmmm

Good for you doing the course :)

Cheers Jaxx