Wednesday, August 23, 2006


well i didnt lose this week :( Actually not as bad as it seems lol. I put on 200 grams...but....i think its cos of living in the bathroom with those meds it caught up to i did have a few drinks and naughty things last week at the work function PLUS i started exerciseing and my losses always reduce when i start exercising.

So im not disinheartened or anything not like if i had a loss this week and i woulda been at goal weight lol...persistance

So as part of the biggest loser challange on the weight watchers forum i been doing 200 steps (on my yellow pages - the A-Z one !) and im feeling it LOL i am really starting to feel it in my calfs also after about 50 of them i start puffing so i can feel its a bit of a cardio work out so its all good.

But i am getting rid of those damn scales they were showing me i was this week i am gonna go get some that also measure body fat.

Oh jaxx the hot dog thing is just using a flat toaster....i toast the hit dog in it and the roll then put cheese on the roll....pop the dog in it and toast it for a few more minutes...soooooo yummy !

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