Saturday, August 26, 2006

well happy saturday evening all =]

im at work but all is good. thursday one of the guys at work came in sick coughing and chit and we were in a meeting in a closed room and i thought oh here we go ill pick this up. And of course yesterday i felt flu-y. But i threw caution to the wind and took cold n flu tablets all day and stayed home...and today i feel completely fine,,,yay me. i also went to the docs..and he increased my metformin so im now on 2 tablets twice a day which was the dosage i was working up too.

Food wise ive been good i "feel" lighter maybe its my not sure but i feel much better. My food choices have been good too. Ive come to the conclusion packaged meals (like dolmio) are the best thing for me cos i get the right proportion size. I feel confident of a loss this week (scales pleaseeeeeeeeee dont let me down lol) Okies...back to work...have a good weekend all =]

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