Tuesday, August 29, 2006

woooooooooooo hooooooooooooo i lost 2.3 kilos today !!!! im ecstatic !!!! And ummm can barely remember gaining 200 grams last week LOL

i had really worked hard this week had been real good with my food...my water was spot on 6 out of 7 days and i did my 200 steps each day. I am still doing the steps but this week as well the challenge is 50 per day arm movements. ummm you hold your arms out straight holding a can of food in each (2 x 535 grams of soup for me lol) and you take them out to the side. i can only do 25 at a time before my arms feel like dying.

And jeans that didnt fit me now do !!! Tried them on last nite before bed and so was pretty sure goin by them i had a solid loss. so im very very happy - takes me up to 6.4 kilos ive lost so yes got my 5 kilo bookmark

And on pay day i get $50 as my reward to buy a piece of jewellery (okies so it wont be diamonds lol) prolly a nice silver ring.

oh oh oh and i bought swimmers !!! They are a lil too small just yet but im sure by the time ive lost 10 kilos they will fit rather well...and then i will join the gym up the road and start doing aqua and swimming...so things are going well.

Well gonna go do some more graphics stuff before work...have a good week all :)


Hippygal said...

Congrats girl - you are rockin :)

Cheers Jaxx

Tania said...

Well done on a great loss Kazz ... and what perfect weather to get back into aqua and swimming! I think a trip to Glenelg for lunch is in order really soon, will email you.