Thursday, August 31, 2006

Well elloz all...things are good still....had a meeting at work and i had a bit of a treat...a marble cake from marcelinas mmmmmmmmmm i had a small slice and 3 fantales LOL but ive really been good apart from that and doing my 200 steps and 50 arm exercises per day so things are good. Yesterday my allergies were playing up something fierce my eyes didnt stop watering all day and were sore to buggery so spring is definitely coming.

Altho i went out today for a walk had to go buy a present for steve at work...and omg when i got back i was sweating and was only out for 20 minutes or so. When i got home i put the a/c on lol spring is certainly coming altho when i was out watering my plants today it was nice feeling the sun on my back. Next pay day i will have to buy some summer tops so i have something to wear in this hot weather that we are about to get.

Okies gonna go...nearly time to get back on the phones =]

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