Friday, September 01, 2006

So yesterday didnt quite go to after the cake after work we ended up going out for a few a couple of champganes later and i was ticking over hahhaha but all is good cos i9t waas fun and not often i get to have a few drinks. The rest of the time till weigh in should be safe except for sunday nite which am going out for fathers day and the problem parents live on counter meal kind of tucker. And we are going out to dinner at one of the pubs...and so my choices is extremely fact i think the only relatively healthy option is lasagne but it has lots of cheese in it so not too healthy they do ahve a yummy pasta is too die for ,,,,, but its cream based and so i will avoid it.

Tania - yes yes yes to lunch at glenelg soon...sounds great to me - specially with these nicer days we are having !!! Everything else is going good...i plan to spend a bit of time outside this weekend...even if it means sitting out in the courtyard reading...such nice weather we are having !

I hope everyone elses week and about to be weekend is going good !!!

kazz =]

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