Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Where to now....

This is really a long overdue post. And I have not wanted to post it for fear it would be seen innappropriate. But then I remembered a time when Fiona was training me outside of fernwood (after she no longer worked there) but we were keeping it on the down low....and I remember her commenting "I want you to be able to be authentic on your journal"

So this is like the most honest I can be about my journey, and where its at, and the issues/things I currently need to resolve to move forward.

Firstly my right achilles. Its been giving me pain since about January but has decidedly got worse. So I think its time to head to a physio...Ive been putting this off cos last time Iwent to a physio (last year over my back) they did the hard sell trying to get me to committ to pilatte classes and weekly physio sessions etc etc...so I havent wanted the hard sell. I know quite likely all i need is a couple of sessions of deep massage on my calve. So thats kinda the first thing I need to attend too. The only thing with that is since I will be seeing a exercise physiologist and they have already asked about my injuries I will wait till I see them before getting to a physio...I do have some exercises I can do at home.

Food. Yanno food is not really the issue. As a general rule I am on track, I track and weigh everything and I try and eat clean wherever possible.

Exercise. Okay this is something that is a issue..in a number of ways. Firstly I suspect when I see the dietitian and exercise physiologist I think they will tell me a hour of cardio per day...gonna just have to suck that up! In relation to Personal Training....and this is what I have tried not to post about ... but in my mind there is a issue there. Basically the situation is I want to do 2-3 PT sessions a week with one trainer. My gym doesnt have the capability for that. So currently I do 1 PT session a week....but I really am not sure what I will do regarding this. I know when I got my best results I had one trainer I saw 3 times a week who was invested...who put time in to planning...and who really loved training people and was someone I just clicked with. I know thats what I need. So for me right now PT still feels very up in the air and I guess cos of that I dont feel very committed. While I am appreciative of doing one session per week...I dont honestly feel 1 session a week does a heck of a lot (no offense to anyone who does one session a week) I just find for me doing 2 to 3 sessions per week spread out over the week....and all sessions working together to get to my ultimate goals is what works best for me.

I really just want to get to this exercise physiologist and dietitian. Get the number of calories and/or macros i need to focus on and the amount of exercise i need and get on with this...I am just not committed to anything weight loss related at the moment in all honesty.  Things were going good a few months ago...but with a lot of the changes that have occurred....that level of focus just hasnt been maintained.


#fatfreefloozy said...

I have this way of seeing weight loss as a marathon and anytime I don't get it "right" I feel like I walk back to the start and recommence. I think the trick is thinking about going off the path as a trip during the marathon (and nothing more) and just keep racing, because starting again takes so much focus and energy, which distracts from the real purpose, which is actually finishing the marathon some day! Let's hope you can get some answers that help you with your race : ) Also, maybe look up Kayla Itsines re: PT. She is incredible and I'm always thinking of how much I'd like to go to her if I'm ever in SA and you are lucky enough to be there!!

Tranquility road said...

I am so glad you posted ... I hate not being in the loop with you guys
Thinking of you xx