Saturday, September 19, 2015

Quality over quantity

So I am nearing the end of day 2.

No diet coke. No cheese (apart from feta which at this stage I havent had anyway). No whey products including protein powders and quest bars (this is a struggle). Most days eating burgen bread instead of white or multigrain. And aiming for as much natural, organic foods as possible.

So far so good. I have had headaches from cutting out the diet coke but have lived on panadeine forte for the past 27 hours or so LOL (i take panadeine forte as I am allergic to nurofen). Which has meant I have slept a lot. 11 hours last night and I have just woken from a nap.

The hardest thing so far is breakfast. I leave for work as early as 6.05am and I eat my breakfast at work. For that reason, rolled oats and protein powder has worked a treat for me...but I have felt I have been having too much protein powder. When I research whey protein powder and PCOS I get a lot of varying opinions on whether it is a issue or not. I did look on it didnt say that whey affects hormone levels....and I suspect 30 grams a day would be fine...90 grams a day not so much ;) Anyway back to breakfast, I need a easy portable breakfast and actually really like my oats :( When I lost the weight before I ate weetbix with honey and milk everyday....I dont mind weetbix but dont love them and due to ear/balance issues have been avoiding milk since approx april so dont really want to reintroduce it. This morning I had oats, with natural peanut butter. Which is fine to have...definitely very natural....the only issue is I also have gone back to a banana with PB for my snack it may be too much fat. Then again I am cutting out cheese.

Ultimately at the moment I am trying to eat very bare then I will slowly add SOME things back in to see if I can maintain weight loss. I mean if over the next few weeks I do consistently lose...well haha *throws hands up in the air" if the losses dont happen there are a couple of things I could try (before I see the dietician and exercise physiologist) I could try dropping the cals to 1200...I could also try carb cycling...and also dramatically increasing my exercise (not tempted by this at all lol). But eating this way worked last I guess I will be surprised if it doesnt work. If it doesnt tho...all joking aside....the exercise will need to increase....but we will see..its not like I am doing NO exercise at the moment...just not the same level as 4 years ago.

Its interesting, ive listened for years to the "your not a special snowflake" people cardio is pointless...heavy lifting was the only way to go and you need to eat more...and as long as you are in a calorie deficit you will lose weight. Well damn im obviously a special snowflake LOL cos being in a calorie deficit is no guarantee I will lose...going back to what Jillian says...not about quantity but quality :)

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Tranquility road said...

Baahaa special snowflake ... Yes you are ... Yes you are Never heard that saying before but I love it
Have you tried the protein enriched Weetbix ... I don't find they taste any different
Just a thought 😊