Friday, September 18, 2015


So when I woke this morning (after having a very strange dream about stealing bacon lol) i got up....threw out the last quest bar....threw down the drain the last 3 cans of diet coke in the house.

Interesting thing yesterday, I drank water in the morning....and had drank about 1.2 litres by morning tea time. I then went and had a diet coke...and it was so chemically tasting....and I found for the rest of the day (as I did drink a total of 2.4 litres of water) everytime I drank diet coke it felt chemical like. So deciding enough was enough wasnt so hard.

Ive had my weetbix for breakfast...thankfully i do like them...while there is nothing wrong with oats i really wanna see how i go not eating any whey protein powder....cos being the PCOS girl that I am maybe my body doesnt love it. That said i did use to use it before when i lost weight....but it was a maximum of 30 grams a day....not the current 80+ grams a day, plus lets face it .... its not natural. The other thing too is the one time i did go to a dietician quite a few years ago they told me not to drink protein shakes instead eat my calories...which makes complete sense.

Anyway today is the gym tonight....will try and do at least 2 rounds of the workout my trainer wrote me before I do body pump. :)

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Tranquility road said...

Looking forward to hearing the results of the protein powder
Good job on ditching the quest and DC I know how hard that is
Been over a year since going cold turkey on the Diet Coke ... And I use to drink at least 6 cans a day even more