Thursday, September 17, 2015

Things are happening

So today still wasnt a perfect eating day. It was all good till about 2.30pm but i had organised food for a meeting at work for everyone...and it was yummy and I couldnt resist ;)

After work I went to the doctors to discuss my weight loss. I talked to him about going on to metformin and also about seeing a dietician....he thinks the best way forward is for me to see a dietician and exercise I go back next week to get that all organised.

For the meantime tho I have decided to structure my eating back how I did when i lost the weight...which is primarily:

breakfast : 2 weetbix + honey + milk
Snack : banana and tahini
lunch : roast turkey sandwich on burgen bread
snack : nuts/seeds
Dinner : Some form of protein salmon or chicken with vegies and maybe 20 grams feta cheese
snack : 1 caramello bear

As you can see its pretty basic eating and apart from the caramello bear all minimally processed. I primarily ate like that 6 days a week....saturdays which were always a high calorie day were always slightly different. If this works it just proves to me its more then just about calories in vs calories really is about quality of food. Which i have always known but you know you think...well if i can get away with eating x,y,z why not eat it?

The other thing when I thought about it....I eat a decent amount of protein these days...usually 120 grams or more....but what I realised was this is mostly from FAKE quest bars, protein powder (its not uncommon for me to digest 80 grams of protein powder a day)

The good thing I did do today tho is I did manage to drink 2.4 litres of water. My aim will be for 3 litres a day so I will focus on that.

Time for change and to really knuckle down!

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