Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Weigh in day

What a day!

I weighed in and I gained 800 grams. I wasnt surprised I gained as all week I had been gaining....but still a lil disappointed....when you do the right thing all week its annoying. Exercise wise I had exercised more then previous weeks...2 PT sessions, 2 body balance classes, 1 body pump class, and climbed up and down 18 flights of stairs. So while it wasnt the amount of exercise i did 4 or so years was still a decent amount. I have to admit i got a pissed today about it all (even tho it was only 800 grams!) and didnt eat good...but whats done is done...on track again tomorrow :)

I did talk to my food coach and agreed water needs to be a focus this week. She doesnt think my diet coke is a issue (altho maybe not drinking it as much as i have been) but making getting my water in a priority. When I trained at goodlife with candice a year or two ago,,,,,she had me buy some BCAAs which help with muscle recovery and u add to water....they are pretty damn tasty too and zero i think as im getting back into the exercise anyway and am having some muscle aches (surprisingly my calves currently) i think starting tomorrow ill start off with a water with that.....there is 750mls or so that ill be able to drink easily and then that should get the day started off well..I will only have the BCAAs once a day.

Tomorrow night I have made a appointment at the docs....the appointment is solely to discuss my weight loss. I am going to talk to him about trying to organise a dietician....and also talk to him about whether i should go onto metformin or not (whilst im not diabetic or insulin resistant it is used to help balance out hormones for females with PCOS) I suspect he will send me off for some blood tests (joyous! lol)

The other thing to focus on is evenings really need to become about exercise. Tonight i did zumba and actually enjoyed it....i burnt 550 cals in 61 minutes so not a bad effort. I will need to where I can (and that may be limited fit zumba in), also decided on monday nights (which is the only night currently i do PT) i will do a double PT session. This week ive done pretty good exercise wise....monday was balance, some cardio and PT, last night i did my program and climbed up 7 flights and tonight was zumba. For the rest of the week friday will be pump....and saturday i will try and get to the gym early enough to do my workout...then pump and balance.

Next week is my last week on early finishes at work for a few my plan is:

monday : balance & double PT
tuesday : RPM & my workout (my workout takes just under a hour)
wednesday: zumba and yoga
thursday: pump & my workout
friday: pump
saturday: my workout & body pump & body balance

So thats where things stand at the moment....fingers crossed for a better loss next week!

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