Saturday, October 31, 2015

Day 1 back at weight watchers :)

So I ended up deciding to bite the bullet and sign up for weight watchers online this morning :) So I drew that line in the sand and weighed in:

So the starting weight is 122.4 kilos. Because I decided to sign up so late last night I wasnt overly organised today but did manage to stick to my daily points (39 points). My aim will be only to use the weekly points in emergencies unless i am not losing (and that would prolly only if i am exercising) Tonight i pulled out a protein ball i had in the freezer....boiled some eggs....a lite oats and protein powder for breakfast and lunch time some vita-weets (6) with 80 grams of cream cheese. And tomorrow night will be a miso salmon with a soba noodle salad (like one of my favourite meals!)

Its a very nice feeling thinking right at the moment that I really only need to focus on my eating.

Im really not thinking about the gym. I think before I even decide what gym or whatever ill go back to next year...while everyone says "left heavy" i dont think thats what I want. If i honestly think about "exercise goals" id like to eventually go back to adult ballet classes and the ultimate goal would be to run a half marathon. And while yes I would want to do some lifting....I wouldnt want to focus on that....endurance and cardio fitness will be my focus. But thats not till next year! :)

My ankle joint is really painful today - i think its related to my weight...the sooner i get closer to 100 kilos the better for my joints!

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#fatfreefloozy said...

I am so proud of you! That's awesome! I love the WW philosophy and guidelines and no food being off limits is quite a healthy approach. I keep thinking of Michelle Bridge's "you can't out train a bad diet" and think, we have to get the eating right first. #yougotthis