Sunday, August 08, 2010

Wow its been a few days since i did a decent post! Im still gobsmacked that its now 4 years since i started this and i am now into the 5th year...not bad considering i didnt expect to last even a lousy 6 weeks! Whats also amazing in my different attitude towards hitting that anniversary to last year...last year i was peeved...i was annoyed that 3 years later i still weighed so much...and i felt i had wasted a lot of time over the previous couple of years..this year i GET that those delays...those plateaus...those times of falling off track are just simply all lessons in MAINTAINING this lifestyle.

I am also quite amazed by the pic i took yesterday(refer previous post)...its not there yet but my body is certainly starting to look more balanced. I actually really like that photo! LOL

Yesterday i had gym. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill then a PT session of weights...was a new program...and she had me doing this insane was holding on to the TRX the other pulling on weights on the cable machine....but it was a one legged squat where when you squat the idea is to have the leg up at a right angle and get it as close to the floor at possible...LOL lemme say i have very sore butt cheeks today! lol We also did some rows and well i cant even straighten my arms today...quite pathetic sight today! lol

I then did another 50 minutes or so of interval work on the treadmill...and then my body balance class. I must say every class of balance i do i love it a lil more. Whilst im not a fan of the yoga moves...there are lots of pieces in it that remind me of ballet/dance moves plus i love the music. All up i burnt just over 1400 calories. The interesting thing is 4 weeks burn just over 2900 calories it took me 8 hours and 45 minutes this week to burn 3600 calories took me 7 hours and 13 minutes so i definitely think with adding the running back in, the RPM classes and higher weights in body pump is definitely increasing the intensity...YAY!!!

I have been watching united states of tara...awesome awesome show...only 3 episodes left and then i will have to wait and be patient and wait for series 3 which is prolly not till next year...if you havent seen it tho watch it! its great!


Tania said...

Wow how the years fly by! You are so right though, there's no point beating yourself up over the past, I think for the first time i've jumped on this bandwagon with the full realisation that there's a long road in front of me, I kept looking for (hoping for) the quick fixes that just aren't there! Photo of you looks fabulous - you have so much to be proud of. I look forward to the day that I really start cursing my personal trainer ... lol

Effie said...

I love the new pic and the fact that you run around the gym in a tank top. I can't wait till I have the courage to wear one, I am still too embarrassed at the moment, but my time will come. Congrats on all your weight loss and hard work, you deserve every bit of what you have achieved. Training to be a PT and nutritionist sounds like a great idea and something that you would be really passionate about and love doing. You are doing so well, you really are a great motivator.

Natalie said...

Your bottom half has been shrinking at an amazing rate Kazz, and look at those shapely calves!!!